Restorative Dental Implants


What is Resorative Dental Implants?

Restorations or fillings, as most people call them, are the most common procedure done in most family general dental offices. Restorative Dentistry provided by Dr. Bob Mays in Sparks, NV covers all types of fillings using a variety of materials on front and back teeth. Restorative Dentistry is designed to treat and repair or replace decayed, defective or damaged tooth structure. As a general rule, fillings can be placed when less that half of the tooth structure is missing after all of the decayed, defective and damaged tooth structure is removed from the tooth. Today, the materials that are available for restorative dentistry are better than at any time in the history of dentistry. Not that many years ago, we had a choice of two materials for restorative dentistry, dental amalgam (silver fillings) and gold. Today, the choice of materials for restorative dentistry still include dental amalgam and gold but now include numerous direct and indirect composites and porcelains. As for dental amalgam, this material has been available the longest time for restorative dentistry and we do us it occasionally. However, dental amalgam is more sensitive after placement in the tooth. It initiates cracks in teeth over time due to expansion and contraction as the filling in held in mechanically and not bonded (glued) to the tooth. The color of the "silver filling" is dark and it turns white teeth dark blue to black. Gold is a great choice except that most people object to the color and in our current times, the cost of gold. That leaves the materials of choice in restorative dentistry to the composites and the porcelains. These materials are great for restoring teeth that are not to badly decayed, defective or damaged. Both composites and porcelain are bonded (glued) to the remaining tooth structure. This helps hold the tooth together and make the tooth less sensitive than when an amalgam (silver filling) is placed. The best part is they look like a natural tooth, not dark blue or black over time. Restorative Dentistry also includes improving the esthetics of front teeth with the same bonding (gluing) of fillings to fill in wear defects, chips and cracks or replace other materials that have stained or discolored. Restorative Dentistry today covers a broad range of options for front and back teeth that not only look great but restore the functional strength of the tooth with minimal sensitivity.

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